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Bangladesh: Cyclone Sidr relief efforts.

Cyclone Sidr struck Bangladesh mid November, and although most of the media attention has waned, the efforts to aid the victims still continue. Vlogger Shawn from the Uncultured project has shot several videos of his experience of moving to Dhaka, Bangladesh to do his part in helping end poverty.

Bangladesh is the 7th most populous country in the world, with a population which mostly make under $2 USD a day. On the Uncultured Project, Shawn explores these and other issues in Bangladesh.

In this Uncultured Project video, Cyclone Sidr Disaster – Helping Kids with Save the Children he shows footage of the disaster areas and the shelters where hundreds of kids are gathered, some of them orphaned for the second time. Shawn bought blankets with his own money, and gave them to the orphans being taken care of in these temporary shelters maintained by Save the Children.

Some of the other videos on the aftermath of Cyclone Sidr are the Al Jazeera English report on what the fishermen´s lives are like after the storm: they can´t fish due to lack of boats and nets, and they don´t have any money to repair or buy them because they are unable to make a living. Another one is the following video by ArKoDiP which is a request for people to send aid into Bangladesh as a way to help people get back on their feet.

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