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Egypt: Rama Yade

Rama Yade - French State Secretary

It's not Rama Yade's – the current French State Secretary in charge of foreign affairs and human rights – political views what made the Egyptian blogger Eastern Bird write the following post (Ar). In fact, she inspired him to write about a totally different subject which you can read about here.

He writes:

بالصدفة وخلال تصفحي لعدد من المواقع على الشبكة ، عثرت على هذه الصورة لوزيرة حقوق الإنسان في الحكومة الفرنسية راما ياد
وبعيدا عن أية إعتبارت سياسية في مقدمتها رفضي لفرنسا ساركوزي وكل ما يأتي منها ، إلا أنني أخذت أتأمل في ملامح هذه الوزيرة الجميلة بحق
وأدركت بعد فترة حقيقة تغيب عنا كثير
وهي أن الجمال لا شكل له ولا عرق ولا لون
وأننا وللأسف الشديد حصرنا مفهوم الجمال في مفهوم عنصري يختذل هذه الكلمة في الشعر الأشقر والعيون الزرقاء أو الخضراء
لعلها عقدة الخواجة التي لازالت تعيش داخلنا او لعله نظرتنا الدونية لكل ما هو أسمر
لكن المؤكد أن راما ياد لا يكمن جمالها في ملامحها فقط وإنما في قدرتها كسيدة سمراء على تخطي كافة العقبات التي تضعها العنصرية (وما أدراك ما العنصرية في بلد كفرنسا)
والوصول إلى منصب كهذا
تحياتي لك أيتها الوزيرة الجميلة ولكل الجميلات مثلك في هذا العالم

I was surfing the web, when I found by coincidence this photo of the minister of Human Rights in the French government, Rama Yade.
Away from any political considerations, and mainly my stance against Sarkozy's France and whatever comes from there, I kept looking at this really beautiful minister.
I then realized a fact that we usually miss.
It is that beauty has no face, race, or colour.
Unfortunately we limited ourselves to a racist view of beauty, which limits it to blond, and blue or green eyed babes.
Maybe it's because of our admiration to anything that comes from the west, and considering everything black inferior.
But for sure, Rama Yade's beauty is not just because of her look, but also because of her ability as a black woman to cross all obstacles made by racism and reach a position like this.
My greetings to you – pretty minister – and all the pretty ones like you in this world.

  • Mona Jibreel

    I admire Rama Yade and wish to contact her via e-mail. Can I have her e-mail address?

  • paolodilautreamont

    YOU CAN TRY CALLING TO the ministry of foreign affairs in Paris 0033 1 43175233

  • jilberia

    wow! you are absoulutely right. it seems like nowaday, if you are not blond with blue eyes, you are not considered someone beautiful! as a black woman, i admire Rama Yade so much! she is the reason why i am studying politic and international studies. she is both beauty and brain.
    thank you for reflecting on that. i really enjoyed reading your article.


    I love her, she makes me run mad, please some one help me to let her know this

  • Hans Jørgen Munch-Holbek

    I love her too, but why do you have to make racist slurs against white, blue-eyed and green-eyed women? Is it their fault, that God gave them that appearance? Hi Rama Yade: “Nanga Def Xuma Xarit?”

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