On August 22th, 2007, access to wordpress.com blogging platform has been blocked by TOT (Telecommunication Authority) preventing Thai Internet users from accessing Thai WordPress and all blogs hosted on wordpress.com. “A notice has been shown when trying to access any WordPress page: “Sorry. TOT Plc., as an organization of Thai people, has restrained the access to this website as it contains content, text, and/or picture that is unappropriated which affects the mind of Thai people all over the country and cannot be accepted.

In a recent update, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) confirmed that “ until the evening of Friday 24 August, it is still impossible to access WordPress.com from TOT service. The symptom is unpredictable, actually, as sometimes it can be access, but sometimes cannot.

Please visit GV Advocacy and listen to the podcast interview, from Thailand, done by my friend and colleague David Sasaki, Global Voices’ outreach director.