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The Global Voices Show #4

GV podcast logo

Finally — the fourth episode of The Global Voices Show has landed! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts:

- The IndiCast (India) – also see Global Voices article “The Blogospheres on Big Brother, Shilpa Shetty, Bullying and Racism
- Pambazuka News (Zimbabwe)
- Palabras Libres (Bolivia) – also see related Global Voices articles “Cochabamba in mourning: Bolivian bloggers react” and “Bolivia: A Conflict Online
- Pambazuka News World Social Forum Special
- Arté Radio (Senegal)
- ChinesePod (China)

Also featured on this show are the following music tracks: Various remixes of “Aven le Roma” from the Nomada – Tilos Rádió remix CD, “Kadar”, by Mariano Steimberg, from the Música Lliure 2 CD, and “SambiraBossubhe”, remixed by Richard III, from ccMixter South Africa.

This episode of The Global Voices Show is available in the following formats:
- MP3 (15:12 min; 10.5MB)
- Enhanced AAC (15:12 min; 7.7MB) – with embedded images and links. For iTunes and owners of later model iPods.

You can play both of these directly from this page by clicking on the “Audio MP3″ and “Audio M4A” buttons at the end of this post.

Or subscribe to this podcast using any of the following links:

MP3 (all Global Voices podcasts)RSS | iTunes (podcast page) | iTunes (direct subscription link) | Odeo
AAC (Global Voices Show)RSS | iTunes (podcast page) | iTunes (direct subscription link)

  • Alice Backer

    Great to have the show back! Made my morning.

  • Kadeeae

    There’s a podcast!

    I have been keeping up with Global Voices via RSS feeds and had no idea that there were podcasts. Glad to read that there are, and on my way to iTunes to subscribe.

  • Hamid Tehrani

    Thanks. I hope we have next one in a

  • Jordan & Maria Seidel

    The music was great, and it really takes alot of work to put that together…you must be stretching Audacity to its limits!…nice variety too…

  • ndesanjo

    Great that the show is back. Looking forward to be part of it soon.

  • Jose Murilo Junior

    Great content and style!
    I think 30 min. would be a better size, with more room to extend the issues and more time for the music.

  • Georgia Popplewell

    Many thanks for the generous comments!

    Hamid – one a month is the current plan.

    Ndesanjo and José – how about sending me some Swahili and Brazilian podcasts for the next show?

    And José – I’d do a longer show but it would mean a bigger audio file, and I know people with dial-up already struggle to access the 7-10 MB. On the last couple of shows I did play a full-length song at the end of the show, one of which was by your boss at the Ministry of Culture, but it depends on what I find, and of course I’m also going for regional diversity.

    The solution is probably just to do them more frequently. :)

  • Aditya
  • Clare

    So pleased to see the podcast back! The length doesn’t need extending, it’s a great manageable thing to listen to. thanks!

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