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The Global Voices Show #1

GV podcast badge

Global Voices is pleased to announce the first of our new magazine-style podcasts, which aim to do for online audio what the Global Voices web site does for text blogs — introduce listeners to some of the exciting offerings from podcasters around the world.

In this episode we feature the following podcasts:

Toast Fantastic Podcast (South Africa)
Dixo – Eduardo Arcos (Mexico) – See also Global Voices Regional Editor David Sasaki’s article, “9 Questions for Eduardo Arcos”.
Geoffrey Philp’s Blog Spot (Jamaica) – See also Global Voices author Nicholas Laughlin’s article , “West Indian literature online”
Rabble Podcast Network (Israel/Palestine)
Kazahkstan Stories (Kazakhstan)
Oon Yeoh (Malaysia) – See also Global Voices Regional Editor Preetam Rai’s article , “Malaysian Bloggers Protest Banning of Documentary”.
Radio Free Harvard Cubao (Philippines) – See also Preetam Rai’s article “The Movie ‘Da Vinci Code’ in South East Asia”
Mr. Brown (Singapore)

Also featured on this show are two music tracks from Magnatune – “Kubrick’s Tube” by Michael Masley, and “Too Tight” by Falik. Both can be purchased through the Magantune web site.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here on the “Audio MP3″ icon at the end of this post.

Subscription links for this podcast:
RSS | iTunes | Odeo

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  • Neha Viswanathan

    I just split my stomach laughing over the piece of Jewish Humour!

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  • Kevin

    Hello Georgia, I was wondering where I could get the RSS feed for this interesting podcast? I wish to add to to my iTunes subscription.

  • Farid Pouya

    SUPER we will have interesting podcast from Iran too soon, very soon!

  • Georgia Popplewell

    Hi Kevin:

    Seems I anticipated your request. :)

    You’ll now find subscription links at the end of the post.


  • Wanabehuman

    This is such an exciting initiative. When will you release a proper Press Release page for us traditional media folk?

    In the meantime, we’ll keep listening for rumbles on the tracks ^_^


  • Bazooka Joe

    I found out about the Global Voices podcast on Georgia Popplewell’s Caribbean Free Radio.

    For the last year I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing an international podcast magazine. I only had the haziest ideao of what such a show would be like. Global Voices goes beyond anything I could possibly imagine. The show is vibrant, intimate and funny. And hungry! The Kazahkstan Stories food segment made me ravenous for some besparmak.

    I look forward to future episodes!

  • rolandog

    Hello Georgia. Interesting compilation… I really enjoyed listening to this first episode. Keep em’ coming :)

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