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Bangladesh Blog Buzz:

The latest happenings in Bangladeshi blogs around the world:

1) Celebration: Sanjoy posts some beautiful photos of Swarashwathi (The Goddess of knowledge) Puja 2006 and wonders which one comes first : money or knowledge ?

2) Meet: The first ever Bangladeshi Bloggers Meet took place in Dhaka last Saturday, 4th of February 2006. Around twenty bloggers gathered share their thoughts and know each other in the Rock star cum blogger Maqsood's house. “The third world view” and “Rajputro” has details.

3) Inequality: Shafiur gives an interesting comparison: Wal-Mart CEO and an worker of its contractor (Garments factory) in Bangladesh.

4) Investigation: ‘Unheard Voices’ posts a link to an investigative report on why the license of the popular satellite channel Ekushey TV was annulled and is not being allowed to start operations again.

5) Dreamland: Sadiq searches for heaven.

6) Tolerance: Shappir is outraged by the sheer idiocy of some Muslims in overreacting on the Danish Newspaper Muhammad Cartoon issue.

7) Community: Deshiblog claims to be the first blog site on Bangladesh and Bangladeshi around the world. Check it out.

8) Review: Naser posts a hilarious review: Pro's and Con's of Bangla Daily Soaps in TV channels.

9) Bangla blogging: The sensational tool ‘Bandh Bhanger Awaz’ and its aggregator are causing a commotion in Bangladesh. Already it had attracted around 450 registered bloggers and page view reached 27000 a day. There are about 60 daily posts and numerous comments keeping the site buzzing aloud.

The developers have already addressed to issues of comment spam and how to restrict unwanted posts. However they wish to keep the site free from moderation as much as possible to see how freedom of speech and own discretions shape up a community of bloggers.

Adda posts a review on ‘Bandh Bhanger Awaz’.

  • MysticSaint

    Thanks for review the sites. keep up the good work.

  • Addabaj

    Hi Rezwan,

    You’re really working hard to promote Bangladeshi blogs. I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful work. Take care.

  • Naser

    Heh heh…I feel so giddish right now..but what the heck..thankx Rz Bhai……..I’m honoured to be denoted as a “hillarious guy”

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