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Lebanese Bloggers Outraged at Journalist Slaying

(Artwork, Beirut Spring)

Today, a prominent anti-Syrian politician and Journalist was killed in a car-bomb explosion in Beirut.

The Lebanese bloggers were quick to show their disgust, shock and fury.
Rampurple explains what Gebran Tueni meant to her:

Gebran Tueni was the person who gave me hope through his editorials, through his interviews, and through his speeches. He did not lead a political party, he wanted the youth of Lebanon to get out of the ancient structure of Lebanese political structure and to think on their own. He did not want the Lebanese youth to follow warlords but to be united… just like they were on March 14th, Christians, Muslims, and Druze all united for the cause of Lebanon.

Lebanon.Profile from Lebanese Political Journal writes an obituary of the man and thinks he knows why he was killed today:

That Tueni was targeted is not surprising. However, the timing of the attack does draw attention. The UN Commission just turned in their report on the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq al Hariri. The report is due to be made public soon.

Raja and Doha from The Lebanese Bloggers are both very upset. Raja shouts: “The Damn Syrians! DAMN SYRIANS!!!! They don't know how to do anything else.”. Doha is rather mellow:

Another lamb slaughtered before the altar of Lebanon's bloody path to freedom and liberty from servitude. Another one leaves us, another martyr, another set of tears and sorrow.

Desmond from A View From A Bar Stool In Beirut concludes eerily:

It seems that the attackers feel they have nothing to lose and that only spells disaster for Lebanon

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