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Global Voices wins a Best of the Blogs

Global Voices has won a Best of the Blogs award from Deutsche Welle. We're thrilled to be honored as the jury's choice for the Best Journalistic Blog in English. Other Global Voices friends were honored by DW as well, including our friends Manal and Alaa, whose blog from Cairo, “Manal and Alaa's Bit Bucket”, which won the special Reporters Without Borders award.

Lisa Stone of Surfette was on the jury that chose our blog for the DW honor. Her blog post about judging the contest is incredibly flattering regarding our work. Evidently she advocated for Global Voices to win the Best Weblog prize – which Argentine blog “Más respeto, que soy tu madre” won – but because two judges (Hossein Derakshan and Julien Pain) were Global Voices contributors, there was a perception of conflict of interest. In her post, Stone says:

In my opinion, Global Voices is the most important blog in the English speaking world, bar none. This site is more than an up-to-the-minute guide and encyclopedia of the international blogosphere. Global Voices Online is a mega-blog the covers free speech by a global citizenry–and covers it well. It's so important at a time when so many international voices are denied free speech by their governments and, in the United States, a very few, English-speaking, first-world media conglomerates dominate and determine the ownership, distribution and content of news.

Thanks, Lisa, and thanks to everyone at Best of the Blogs for honoring us with this wonderful award. And thanks to everyone on the Global Voices team for making this site worthy of recognition.

  • Shaden Abdul Rahman

    Congratulations everyone! :)

  • Rosario Lizana

    Congratulation to all the Global Voices team to makes this posible.


  • Ramu dhara


  • Annapurna

    Congratulations!!!!!! You guys ROCK (and I’ve only been going here in the past 24 hrs.)!

  • Le Quoc Minh

    Congratulations GV! You deserve it.

  • enda

    Way to go GV! I think GV is much more than just a journalistic blog but hey, we won! :)

    So congrats, specially for you guys who makes GV possible. :)

  • Eman

    Congrats everyone you truly deserve it!

  • Thomas Crampton

    Congrats Global Voices!!

  • Beth Kanter


  • Julizzette Colon-Bilbraut

    Congrats GV!

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