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South Asian blog roundup


- Subhan shares some typical & unique Bangladeshi styles from personal observations in a post called “You know you are Bangladeshi when*@#!!”

- Arafat of ‘Anthology’ analyses a news about “the first Muslim gay marriage in Pakistan” in the light of a previous discussion on the subject which reveals:

“In sharp contrast to Christianity, which considers homosexuality to be a pathological character defect and homosexuals to be abnormal, perverted individuals, Islamic jurisprudence adopts a more restrained attitude, according to which attraction towards members of one's own sex is viewed as entirely normal and natural.”

- Asif explores the possibility whether a Dhaka-centric FM-Radio-Channel transmitting live commentary of the Dhaka traffic be established on the basis of the visual display of the traffic using GPS technology.

- Sadiq tells about the power of chanting in his blog “Inspirations and Creative Thoughts” and posts a beautiful ‘prayer for Ramadan’.


- Neha is angry at the Delhi High Court's ruling that the marriage of 15 year old minor girls are valid.

- Nitin of “The Acorn” tells us about a new Indian online craze “PublicGyan” – (The public knowledge exchage ), which is an online prediction futures market. He links to the plugins for Blogger, MovableType and WordPress — that enable bloggers to display their PublicGyan profile on their blogs.

- Kamla Bhat provides podcasting of headline news from India regularly.

- Charu has details of the festival of nine nights and ten days.

-Abhi of Sepia Mutiny analyses the notion – “Do arranged marriages contribute to terrorism?”


- Iruvaihudhu claims that the Maldives president Mamun A. Gayoom's son Ghassan is his chosen successor.


- has the latest on the political turmoil Nepal is facing.

- United We Blog posts an experience of a Nepali Gay.


-Via a Pakistani girl's blog we get the news of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Islamabad and Rawalpindi extending to New Delhi in India, Sri Nagar in Kashmir, Peshawar and Lahore in Pakistan.

- Sepoy of “Chapaty Mystery” discusses six different views often heard in the West.

- Shirazi of “Light Within” explains Ramadan.

Sri Lanka:

- Colombo goes crazy over books!

- The Magic of Music from ‘One One Things'.

- Fear… Its causes and result in the Sri Lankan Context via Komisiripala.

- Nittewa has thoughts on being Sri Lankan.

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